It must be at least 15 years since the old Communist Party of Great Britain held its last annual summer discussion event, The Communist University, but now the political successors to the old deceased party have decided on a welcome relaunch, albeit with a scale-downed weekend version.

I think I might pop along and see some of the old comrades, there is a fair chance of a booze-up on the Saturday night and who knows maybe Dick Gaughan will sing some songs for us. I’ll probably pick and choose which events to attend but this one looks a must: Party, class and revolutionary change – Andrew Murray on the dialectics of party and class in a world dominated by capitalist globalisation .

Wonder if Comrade Murray, who was head of the Stop the War Coalition and his comrades will be bother to ask themselves how this state of affairs came about?

The slogan for the event is ‘question everything’ – I wonder if they will?