I really should have recommended Jackie’s weblog Au Currant weeks ago – after all I am a regular reader and she frequently pops up in the comment boxes here and kindly links to items she finds of interest. Jackie is an American living in the UK and she doesn’t like being pigeonholed so I’ll avoid trying to place here on the political spectrum.

She has intelligent things to say so that’s good enough for me and anyway it seems most of us in the Brit blogosphere don’t fit easily into the left-right spectrum – an entirely natural state of affairs at the moment I reckon.

A more recent discovery is Matrix Essays – which is, as the title suggests, a collection of musings on the intellectual qualities of the Matrix films. I’m not a huge sci-fi fan but I was fascinated by the first Matrix and I am looking forward to the second film. I reckon it has far more potential for intellectual masturbation than Star Trek as this blog proves superbly.