Spin is back with a superb Kinnockesque rallying call for a war on the anti-American left:

It starts from opposing American foolishness and bad policy, and ends up with the spectacle of a Labour MP, a Labour MP, scuttling from dictator to torturer, handing out compliments and support to corrupt regimes and oppresive neo-fascists.

I want to see a day when no Left-winger is tempted to support a dictator as a counterweight to US hegemony, when we see that the bigger chance for us is to join that better America, restrain the worse, but never flinch from choosing to be on the side of imperfect democracy against brutal dictatorship.

He’s spot-on and for all the accusations, law-suits, denials and petty journalistic jealousies that will come out of the Gorgeousgate affair, the biggest lesson of this whole affair is that the oppositionalist left, having had their moment of glory on Feb 15, lost the argument, lost the war and have now lost their credibility. It’s time to finish them off.