Let’s be honest, it isn’t very easy to be a left-wing supporter of invasion of Iraq when you start seeing pictures of women and children killed by American soilders you have described as liberators or listen to the pathetic, sickening spin suggesting the Iraqis may have bombed their own market places. David Aaronovitch might not make too much sense in his piece in the Guardian but there will be quite a few of us who know where he is coming from.

All week my pacific alter ego has been sitting on my shoulder and whispering a harsh question in my ear. “Your war. How long does it have to go on, how expensive does it have to be, how many have to die, before you admit it’s a mad failure?”
By the weekend I could scarcely bring myself to look at the news bulletins. A much-loved friend emailed me from 12,000 miles away and (more or less) told me I was a lunatic. Others have informed me that I am a cunt.