If you thought that the Hitchens brothers might finally agree on something now that left-wing Christopher is delivering ‘private lectures’ in the White House on the morality of removing Saddam, then read this piece in the Spectator from his right-wing brother Peter. Not to be outdone in the contrarian stakes he outlines a conservative case against war. Not surprisingly he manages to take a potshot at his brother across the pond:

The idea that naked force can create human freedom is itself a left-wing idea. Even more socialist are the war faction’s contempt for the sovereignty of nations and their unashamed belief that ends justify means. No wonder that the war’s hottest-eyed supporters on both sides of the Atlantic are ex-Marxists who have lost their faith but have yet to lose their Leninist tendency to worship worldly power. Yet ranged alongside them are Tories who are supposed to stand for the gentler and more modest cause of faith and nation, Church and King.