Peter Cuthbertson opts for a pale-blue background on his Conservative Commentary weblog and frequently describes himself as centre-right but I am afraid that in the past few weeks he has shown himself to be an extremist, albeit a youthful one. Recently he has called for the legalisation of firearms in the UK as a way to deal with anti-social behaviour, has placed himself on the extreme wing of Likud in posts over the Middle East and now plays his trump card when he says we should consider nuking Baghdad.

He asks himself the question – ‘What should we do if Saddam uses chemical weapons?’ and replies: “My instinct is an immediate nuclear attack. No discussion, no cooling off time: an automatic nuclear bomb. The reason is not vengeance, but deterrence.” It is such a ridiculous suggestion that it doesn’t even merit a response. Suffice to say that Saddam is no doubt praying that George Bush takes his strategic advice from people like Peter.