Someone just emailed me to say that BBC Radio Five Live had an interview with Instapundit about blogging and in particular about Salam Pax, the Baghdad blogger.

There have been a real growth of British media interest in blogging recently (such as this piece from journalism.co.uk) but it is noticable that they have focused almost exclusively on US bloggers.

I suppose it is understandable given that we are dwarfed by the Americans in this area and the UK blogosphere is young, but it does make you wonder if the journalists concerned are even bothering to look and see if anything closer to home? Perhaps it will take a few more journos to follow Stephen Pollard’s example and start a blog for people to realise that there is life over here as well.

Or are we just crap really?

Or is it just that we are all far too modest and don’t go in for the hyperbole and self-publicity that US bloggers seem so comfortable with?

Most of the UK bloggers have shunned the warblogging option but if there was a UK warblog I suspect there might be more interest shown in the medium.

Perhaps one solution would be to create a Britblogging showcase site.

A single blog with highlights and links to the best British postings of the day? It could offer people a gateway into the rather closed world of British blogging and could also do the publicising that as individuals we appear reluctant to do?

Everyone would benefit from such a venture with increased traffic and a higher profile and all they would need to do was log on and paste up one of their posts.

Just an idea of course but I wonder what other bloggers think? What do you think?