Continuing this introspective and self-publicising theme, Blogs of War produced by Dr Frank, in the USA by the way, wants to continue a discussion over my criticism of ‘warblogging’. We appear to be heading in the direction of semantics and he recognises this be pointing out the dangers of over-categorisation.

The Doc writes: “I think (Harry) sees “warblogger” as a pejorative he’d like to duck out of. Maybe it is at that. You can call yourself anything you want. For the same reasons, people used to say “I’m not punk, I’m new wave”; then “I’m not punk, I’m hardcore”; then “I’m not hardcore, I’m post-punk”; then “I’m not post-punk, I’m alternative,” etc. The main result of this process is that it’s almost impossible to find anything at a British record store if you’ve missed more than four issues of the NME.

A fair comment.

And continuing the theme is blogging – independent, alternative, slightly anarchic, self-expressive, often crap, sometimes brilliant – not in fact the new punk?

And here is another thought – is there anything more tedious than bloggers talking about blogging?

I’ll get my coat.