I’m watching Sky News most of the time. It really is the best 24 hour news channel around and far preferable to CNN these days, although I have been flicking to Fox News to get a, ahem, different perspective on things.

Actually, in terms of reporting Fox is not really as bad as people make out. The political punditry in the run-up to war and the hilarious O’Rielly Factor do live up to their rabid Republican reputation but they have people well ’embedded’ with the forces and also there is that blonde woman who presents the news bulletin…..

One of the good things about Sky is because of the Murdoch link-up if Fox get a breaking story then they can plug into it – so you really don’t miss much. The tone of Sky is pacey with the need for speedy coverage of breaking news but it also has the ability to take a ‘broadsheet step back and look’. And they allow people with accents to be on their programmes as well.

The true info junkie has the tv coverage buzzing in the background while browsing the web. But if this is going to be the war that makes the weblogs I haven’t seen any sign of it yet – among Britblogs at any rate. However it is interesting that the BBC has started a warblog based on input from their reporters in the field – it is very good and well worth tracking.