Tory Boy has lost the plot writing that:

I would argue that the war on terror has armed the Left with a new and not unpopular form of rhetoric and argument: anti-American, anti-Israel and sympathetic to terroists. Such people dominate the Labour Party today, and this dominance makes them the true “nasty party”, and threatens Labour’s respectability and electoral success for the future.

Funny that, I thought that Labour’s stance on Iraq was making it unpopular with people who are anti-American’ and ‘anti-Israel. I was under the impression that Labour was suffering in the polls because there is a large part of its electoral support who are anti-war but that those who dominate the Labour Party refuse to cave in to such mistaken populism. Have I got it all wrong?

I think Peter would really like the Labour Party to fit his fantasy description but if Tories continue to live in cloud cuckoo land at least that leaves us safe from them for another four years.