Well there’s a few egos been massaged among the UK political bloggers today after the Guardian website ran a review of the main Brit-based weblogs.

Yep the full half dozen of us come under the scrutiny of Matthew Tempest, who apparently is a political correspondent.

Although strangely Reactionary Pete is left out for some reason and Iain Murray must count as an American.

Can’t argue too much about Tempest’s assessment of Stephen Pollard “Partisan yet urbane, diverse but sparky, but pompous and prone to pointless melodrama” Stephen seems rather proud of the description in fact.

And I don’t think our Fleet Street friend is too unkind in suggesting there might be a “certain old fogeyishness” about keen young Tory Boy, bless his cotton socks.

But comrades, comrades, what on earth is this?

“Harry Steele (a pseudonym for this Lancastrian activist) runs this site, which has benefited from a recent overhaul, and is now a sober and somehow fitting shade of grey. For Mr Steele, while ostensibly of the left, seems to be another David Aaronovitch/Rod Liddle/Johann Hari rightwing libertarian. Fairly straight, if a little lacking in character.”

Never in all my 38 years! Right-wing libertarian? Come on, outside!

No I can take a joke, honest I can.

What really does anger me though is that description of “Lancastrian activist”.

Where is there any evidence on this site that I am an “activist”? A sad bloke who spends too much time sat up in the early hours reading articles about Kurdistan and Depleted Uranium? Maybe. An armchair critic? That’s more like it.

But activist? Perlease its just so, well, Trotty isn’t it? It’s almost enough to bring on a fit of nostalgia.

Now then where is that Icepick?