Over a million people marched in Rome today against “the war”.

They obviously hadn’t taken any notice of one of the Prime Minister of the free Kurdish zone of Iraq when he was in the Italian capital last month.

Speaking to the council of the Socialist International he said: “We hear much about Muslim solidarity and the so-called “Arab Street”. I know the streets of Baghdad. I can assure you that they will be filled with jubilant Iraqis after the dictator has gone.

Let us remember the joy of liberation in Rome in June 1944, the scenes of cheering crowds in Kosovo in June 1999, the Afghans who danced in the streets in November 2001. Liberation did not create paradise in any of these places, but it created hope and opportunity.”

I urge any anti-war readers to digest what Dr Barham Salih had to say in his speech. Read it all -and then tell me we should nothing.