I watched the whole 70 minutes of the Colin Powell briefing to the UN and while there was a lot of old stuff brought up again there was also some important key new evidence brought forward that clearly shows the Iraqis are not complying with the weapons inspectors – they are hiding stuff and lying.

Powell was persuasive, calm and collected. After listening to his presentation I can’t imagine anyone but the most bigoted anti-Americans could continue to argue we do nothing. The debate over what kind of action needs to be taken will go on, but not acting is clearly off the agenda.

The Iraqi regime had been given a clear warning from the UN and there is only one conclusion that can be drawn from all this – Saddam wants war.

He had been given a clear choice between cooperating and disarming or continuing to lie and then face military action. He has chosen the latter.

I am sure all those who will be marching and demonstrating in London on February 15 will be demanding that Saddam takes swift action to avoid a war. This lying warmonger must be stopped.