Seems to be the moment for former communists to come out as supporters of regime change in Iraq. David Aaronovitch follows Burchill in today’s Observer – he is actually quite a good read when he sticks to politics rather than ‘my first wank’ etc.

“The Iraqi people, however, can’t shift their tyrant on their own. Again, it would be preferable if an invasion could be undertaken, not by the Americans, but by, say, the Nelson Mandela International Peace Force, spearheaded by the Rowan Williams British Brigade. That’s not on offer. It has to be the Yanks. “

“If, in a few weeks time, the Security Council agrees to wage war against Saddam, I shall support it. If there is no resolution but the invasion goes ahead, I will not oppose it, though most of the people I like best will. I can’t demonstrate against the liberation, however risky, of the Iraqi people. “

Neither could I.