What an incredible piece of breathless, excitable hyperbabble from George Monboit today.

Monboit, as usual, is trying to talk up the importance of the ‘anti-globalisation movement’ who are meeting in Porto Alegre at the moment and in particular he is angry about the apparent lack of media coverage for this talking shop.

Sorry George, but unless I am mistaken every week or so doesn’t one of Britain’s leading daily newspapers, the Guardian, the paper most close to the government of our country, actually pay you money to promote your political group?

This despite the fact that in Britain your ‘movement’ has no registered public support at all. The only political party that gives backing to your movement is the silly Socialist Alliance – regularly beaten in local elections by all mainstream parties, residents candidates, independents and even fascists.

The main anti-globalisation group in the UK is called Globalise Resistance which apart from George consists mainly of members of the good old Socialist Workers Party – wealthy enough middle class people able to fly to places such as Seattle, Genoa, Florence and Porto Alegre for meetings.

But at the end of his article George says it doesn’t really matter whether his “revolutionary movement” continues to be given broadsheet space in the Guardian. Because, as every revolutionary knows, victory is inevitable.

“Whether we are noticed or not is no longer relevant. We know that, with or without the media’s help, we are a gathering force which might one day prove unstoppable.”