Bloggy Opinions may not be too impressed with this site but the amount of people passing through is slowly growing – thanks to all of you for popping in and special thanks to those who have encouraged me to stick it at such as Peter and Emily.

What I do enjoy about this blogging business is that not many of those who have spared a moment to offer a bit of help (and a link!) would fit into the same political camp as myself (Peter certainly doesn’t) but they do enjoy discussion and have been willing to pass on tips and encouragement. This is in marked contrast to the world of left-wing mailing lists that I left behind when I turned to blogging. The rancour and abuse that flies at places such as UK Left Network among people who share the same political outlook is unbelievable.

Harry’s Place has now passed the, ahem, landmark of 3,000 hits, at an average of 75 visits per day (not counting my own visits!) – hardly a mass audience but it is still nice to see some people appreciate the effort.

It is initially a bit strange writing and linking when you are not sure if anyone is actually reading the posts. As a new centre-left blog I don’t have the advantage of being able to tap into the huge traffic of right wing Blogland USA. Nor do I go out of my way to be outragous and attract attention through the shock factor.

As always suggestions are welcome by the comments box of if you prefer by email and any of you with your own blogs – a link helps keep the debate flowing.

Thanks again.