Stephen Pollard has a nice a pop at BBC chief Greg Dyke’s drift into corporate-speak and so I decided to send Stephen an example of a mission statement for his blog – which it appears he wasn’t sure was a piss-take or not (it was of course).

Ever since the brilliant Gus Hedges on Drop the Dead Donkey I have had an interest in management jargon and yet amazingly even after Gus popped the idea in the toster to see which way it popped up – the same jargon became part of political and public life as well as the world of commerce.

So I think it is time this blog focused on delivering on this issue. In fact, it is now our priority deliverable. So here goes. I hope this is inclusive:

A good (and funny) glossary of basic buzzwords can be found here

The jargon used in job advertisements is well dissected here.

Do you drift off during boring management meetings? Try playing Corporate Speak Bingo!