The nutcases who pretend to be a Communist Party in London and produce the wacky Weekly Worker have this view on the recent murder of a policeman by terrorist suspects in Manchester:

The ‘toxic substance’ that really poses a serious threat to British society is … officially sponsored panic-mongering. As part of its build-up to war, the government is on the look-out for any event that can be used to corral a still deeply sceptical public into support for the conflict.

The stabbing of special branch officer Stephen Oak (sic) in a raid in Manchester’s Crumpsall area on January 14 is a perfect example. Both the political affiliation of those arrested and what they were planning (or not planning) to do is more or less irrelevant, as far as the establishment is concerned. Detective constable Oak is mourned as Britain’s first home front casualty of the so-called ‘war against terrorism’ that began on September 11. So DC Oak becomes a victim of bin Laden, not of a botched police raid which actually uncovered no physical evidence of terrorist links or the manufacture of ricin, anthrax, cyanide gas, al-Qa’eda handbooks or even a pair of spiked Nikes.

Source: Weekly Worker ‘Blair promotes panic mongering’

In other words then – we should fear Tony Blair more than terrorists who seek to murder hundreds of innocent civilians. Hello?