Well that was an excellent Christmas break and apologies for not announcing that there would be no posts for the best part of a month. Still, only a click isn’t it? And to those who have been emailing me – yes Sectarian Worker will also be back in business shortly, well sometime next week if the rest of the contributing collective get into gear.

I’m not a fan of blogs that divulge all manner of personal details, so suffice to say that the break gave me a chance to have a think about the whole blogging thing and also the chance to meet up with some regular readers provided me with some additional food for thought. The result is things might slowly change around here in the next few weeks maybe a little less politics, a little more fun and diversity – well let’s see.

One criticism I heard that was fair was that too often my links to stories were to mainstream media that people read anyway. It is a fair comment – does anyone really need a blog that links to the Guardian and the Independent all the time? Probably not. So from now there will be more of an attempt to uncover stories and opinions in unlikely places – obscure newspapers, mailing lists and websites as well as other blogs and mailing lists etc.

I’m also thinking of upgrading to allow pics and other features. Any bloggers who use blogspot willing to comment on whether it is worth paying $5 a month for the Proplus thing?