PROFESSOR Mona Baker, the leader of the movement to boycott Israeli academics, is “in cahoots with Britain’s leading anti-semitic lunatic, David Irving” says Giles Coren in the Times.

“One is so often implored to remember that not all anti-Zionists are anti-Semites. But not all of them aren’t. And Irving is one who is, “ points out Coren in his article based Irving’s comments that he received an email from Baker.

Egyptian-born Baker, a lecturer at UMIST in Manchester, dismissed two Israeli scholars, from a journal under here directorship as part of her campaign to boycott Israeli academics.

This story has been picked up by Stephen Pollard and Conservative Commentary but I think it is worth repeating here given that some on the left have offered their backing to Baker’s campaign to boycott Israeli academics.

One of the academics she fired for the ‘crime’ of being Israeli citizen was Miriam Schlesinger a former chair of the Israeli branch of Amnesty International and was noted for being very much part of the left peace camp – which just goes to show the ridiculous nature of such blanket boycotts – hurting those the left should be supporting.