ROLLING IN money, completely cut off from the vast majority of people, and stark staring bonkers. That’s the picture of the Blairs and their circle that emerges from the scandal surrounding Cherie Blair’s property dealings.

OK, which tabloid do you reckon led their Cheriegate story today with the above? The Sun? The Daily Star? The Daily Mail?

Nope – ’twas none other than our friends at the incisive and analyitical Socialist Worker

“The two flats scandal is part of the whole filthy rich world the Blairs live in. Cherie pockets over £200 an hour as a top lawyer and part time judge, “ they shout with indignation.

Two hundred quid eh?

Just wondering of course but how much does the Socialist Worker’s Paul Foot, the aristocratic son of the former governer of Jamaica get paid for his newspaper columns? I wonder how much Socialist Workers Party resident ‘comedian’ Mark Steel gets paid for his weak efforts in the Independent or for his tv appearances and live performances?

And as far lawyers? Perrlease!” Almost a third of the SWP-backed Socialist Alliance’s named supporters in the general election were lawyers! Even so-called ‘human rights lawyers’ like Cherie?

Obviously all part of the filthy rich world in which the SWP live.

But wait. We might not be surprised that an ultra-left tabloid is echoing the line of the Tory ‘popular press’ but there is actually a bit of juicy tabloid info buried underneath all the ranting – the word of an ex-Labour Party member who applied for a job with the Blair family as a nanny before Tony became leader of the Labour Party.

I was asked to attend an interview at their house in Trimdon, County Durham, where he has his constituency. Trimdon is an ex mining town. It is a very depressed area with high unemployment. Yet the Blairs’ four-bedroomed house was the biggest in the whole village. Blair had a private secretary, a housekeeper and a cook.

“I was interviewed by Cherie in the kitchen. I didn’t even get introduced to the children. Cherie laid down the rules. I was supposed to look after the kids, who were all pre-school, all day. I had to be prepared to get up in the middle of the night. I had to do washing, shopping and meals. At the time I was in the Labour Party.

Tony Blair phoned me in the evening and offered me the job. Then he told me I would get £65 a week. I just laughed. It was well below the going rate and the minimum wage”

Hmm, call me cynical but while Paul Foot and Mark Steel earn their lucrative salaries how much do staff at Socialist Worker get paid?

Wouldn’t by any chance be well below the going rate and the minimium wage would it?