I’ve added three more food links over on the right and just a brief word about why. First of all Gambero Rosso is the definitive source on modern Italian cooking and also has an excellent guide on where to eat when you are in Italy – they produce a magazine, a restaurant guide and a television channel in Italian but the website has an ample English language section.

Secondly there is the official Gary Rhodes website – now I know some people will raise eyebrows at promoting the site of a TV celebrity chef but one thing I do like about Rhodes is that he has a very unpretentious attitude to food and above all he values the importance of local produce and champions the renewal of British cuisine. There is a big difference between renewing British food and abandoning it all together for the latest international fads. Rhodes’s approach is basically how to make the old favourites healthier, tastier and better-looking.

In contrast to that I have added a link to June Meyer’s Authentic Hungarian Heirloom Recipe book. For family reasons I eat a lot of Hungarian food and am trying in vain to introduce the Rhodes approach to Magyar cuisine. June, however, is from the old school and presents the recipes to all the good old Hungarian heartstoppers – where else could you find a recipe for Jellied Pigs Feet?