Do Something!

The old Regime is dead; all hail the new one.


I am happy to announce that I have realised the evil of my  fascist-adjacent ways and hereby renounce my scepticism of gender ideology and  announce my penitent and full embrace of progressive activism. Whatever role I played  in the Far Right™ plans for the Trans Holocaust can never be forgiven, I know that dear readers, and the only recourse is for me to use my  privilege  to turn this blog back to the  luminous right path and hopefully HP’s new regime persuades the more recalcitrant commenters to reach the same enlightenment I did.  Many of you are racist Brexit-supporting Tory  scum (and a few White Supremacist Zionist trolls from elsewhere) and may protest HP’s sudden and swift return to  sanity (as well as the overuse of alliteration and Capitals).

To you putrid hatefilled bigots, I say : There will be no debate! None.

A catastrophe is nearly upon us, the world is dying and so many of our LGBTQQIP2SA loved ones’ very existence under threat. You are either with us or against us. The time for action is upon us. There are  many small ways you can participate.

You may buy a book. The wonderfully compassionate and loving Jeffrey Marsh of the soothing tones and bright, oh so bright and beauteous demeanour has written a book that will help you hate yourselves less. You may want to read Rolling Stones’ interview of this TikTOk star who has been relentlessly attacked for nothing more than offering your children a loving glitter family with him if they choose to run away. Marsh hasn’t mentioned it but I am confident his largesse also extends to unhoused old geezers exploring their gender identity.

You may want to save your piss and join an upcoming piss protest outside the demonic EHRC. Not necessary to wear a hairshirt and flay yourself (unless it is your kink) for missing the POT  protest last week. Another opportunity has been granted to you to naturally mark out the territory that belongs to all of our trans siblings.

Pouring piss is an anarchist act of resistance that stakes an urgent and lingering claim on our basic human rights. It foregrounds the public embarrassment we experience as targets of the media and the state, and that we in turn also experience when we are forcibly prohibited from single sex spaces such as restrooms. IF YOU TAKE AWAY OUR TOILETS WE’LL MAKE ONE OF YOUR DOORSTEP. Our zaps are pungent proof in the noses of our oppressors that you cannot rinse us from the record or legislate us out of existence. We are here and we need to piss.


You may want to join the campaign to oust yet another race and gender traitor from the EHRC – that old hag, Kishwer Falkner. I apologise for linking the Daily Fail – disregard everything you read there, it is all fake news. Please watch the C4 special news and believe everything they say instead. If you see the crone on the streets, feel free to pour soup on her and rough her up a bit. You should never pull your punches with The Evil . That they look like your grandma is a cunning ruse. The hate filled Far Right’s wily capture of institutions like the EHRC is the stuff of nightmares and there is so much Incontrovertible Evidence for it.

My damascene conversion may be lamentably late, but I stress it is sincere and I wish you midweek Trans Joy™.