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Sturgeon-ID Replaces Self-ID in Scotland

BREAKING NEWS: Scottish First Minister, Nicola Surgeon has set herself up as the arbitrator of a person’s transgender status, abandoning – it now seems clear – her earlier commitment to so-called “self-ID”, the process whereby a person could simply declare their gender status without any 3rd party confirmation. Now Ms Sturgeon has assumed that power for herself.

According to the BBC:

“A double rapist who was sent to a women’s prison last week is “almost certainly” faking being trans, Nicola Sturgeon has suggested.”

It isn’t clear how Ms Sturgeon has acquired the skill to sniff out a person’s gender or the political power to do so. But a person able to separate the chancers and fakers – or even the merely confused – from genuine cases would be quite an asset. We await further clarification. It is a breaking story….

UPDATE: A spokesperson for the SNP, Jenny Gilruth, clarified on BBC’s Question Time last night that Adam Graham may be neither male nor female. “This individual is a rapist,” she said. Is ‘rapist’ now a new gender? It is hard to keep up with how many there are. It is also not clear if ‘male’ and ‘female’ are at either ends of this gender spectrum or fall somewhere in the middle, but I think we ought to have more clarity on where ‘rapist’ falls on this spectrum. It’ll be easier for India Willoughby to plan a night out.