Let the Complaining Begin!

At 8pm UK-time, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to announce the return of a full lockdown to combat the new and more-virulent strain of Covid-19.

What do you think the complaints will be this time?

My money is on a boring rerun to Team A (“We should have locked down sooner and should stay locked down longer”) vs Team B (“Lockdowns don’t work and cause more harm than good and are a naked power grab by a tyrannical government”).

I’m not sure the crank mentality extends much beyond these binary themes, but I am prepared to be surprised. Perhaps media team-leaders Piers Morgan and Maajid Nawaaz will settle this by mud-wresting live on Thought For The Day refereed by Giles Fraser.

Needless to say, both teams will be a drain on the mental energy and sanity of everyone who just wants to follow the advice of our experts and to get through this with sanity, income, and family as intact as possible.