Academic Forum or Anti-Semitic Farce?

This is a cross-post from Irish Israel

The aborted “eliminate Israel” confab that was to be at the University of Southampton 2 years ago has been reincarnated in Cork. This was announced at a curious press conference Tuesday at which no press appeared to be present.

Now, normally those of the far left pro-Palestinian persuasion take great offence at any attempts to connect their anti Zionism to antisemitism but not this lot, it seems. Not only have far right white supremacists given their endorsement – see Aryan Street and, (delightfully subtitled “intelligent ‘anti-semitism’ for the thinking Gentile”) but one of the Irish organisers was caught promoting the event to Holocaust deniers and neo-Nazis on twitter. Piaras Mac Einri was then forced to make an announcement that antisemites and Holocaust deniers were not welcome at the event.

This is going to be quite hard to enforce, I imagine, when one of the chief organisers and keynote speakers has this to say about Jews and the Holocaust. Yes, you heard that right:

there is something so Jewish in that which has provoked the Holocaust and the dealing with which has been so successfully postponed by the Holocaust.

And indeed the official twitter account for the conference seems quite unfazed by these revelations and appears to consider these views legitimate topics for academic discussion.

Oren Ben Dor won’t be able to accuse them of excessive surrender to political correctness that separates the zionist question from the Jewish question and risks leaving the Jewish pathology unaddressed and only dealing with the “symptom” (zionism) of this eternal primordial disease. No Siree! In fact, he might have found his true home among some of the Irish organisers of the Cork edition of this hatefest. There is a fascinating account here of how James Bowen’s tolerance for antisemitism was too much even for Tony Greenstein, a notorious Jewish anti Zionist recently suspended from the UK Labour Party for suspected antisemitism himself!

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