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Jill Stein SILENT on Trump sexual predation

This is a cross-post by Paul Canning

Blogger Clay Claiborne has written a lot about the bizarre campaign of Dr Jill Stein. How she has switched, with no explanations, her position on Syria. On some of the more outrageous things she has said about Hillary Clinton and about her relationship with Russia.

Nothing, in my opinion, should be as disqualifying as the fact that she has said nothing – not one word – about the massive discussion of sexual assault going on because of revelations about Donald Trump.

I know I promised you a collection of Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein’s tweets about Donald Trump’s outrageous attacks on women, but I couldn’t find any. The whole country is talking about it. Michelle Obama’s speech on this from earlier today is not to be missed. Jill Stein tweets almost as much as Donald Trump. I thought sure she would have some good tweets that contributed to this national dialogue, instead I have come up as empty of Gerardo Rivera when he opened the door to Al Capone’s hidden vault. Anyway, this is all that I did find on Trump or Clinton, mostly on Clinton. I don’t think she really opposes Trump at least not the way he treats women.

It looks as if Hillary is going to win this in a rout but those still thinking of voting for the Green Party really need to be made aware of this despicable behaviour by their Presidential candidate.