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Gerry Downing and Labour

I am sure many readers will have already seen this jaw-dropping interview with Downing on Andrew Neil’s Daily Politics. He failed to answer a single charge against him in any satisfactory way, and his comments when challenged on references to the ‘Jewish Question’ were particularly shocking.  When asked what on earth he meant by invoking this, he immediately started to complain about Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians (7:45).  He then spluttered that in fact he was really talking about ‘Zionism’.

Andrew Neil read out a list of his many quasi-conspiratorial complaints about Zionist influence.  Downing responded by warning of the danger posed by many very rich people wielding great political power in the US and Europe.

Anti-zionists are often keen to point out that many Zionists (particularly in the US) are not Jewish.  Contrast Downing: ‘They have dual citizenship in fact, most of them’ (9:20).  Like Phillip Collins of the Times (10:45) I’m relieved he is no longer a member of the Labour Party but dismayed that the NEC recently saw fit to readmit him.  You can read more here, here and here.