Haddad says #KeepCAGEgoing

CAGE has recently promoted this endorsement of their work by Haitham al-Haddad.  Yes, despite CAGE’s indignation at being termed ‘extremist’, at being ‘demonised’, it is happy to parade the approval of someone who supports death for apostates and many other extreme positions.  Last month Haddad released a similarly supportive statement.  Here he began by explaining that other European Muslims look up to British Muslims, and insisted that British Muslims must play their full part in defining what Europe is.  He added that Muslims shouldn’t feel embarrassed to articulate their hope that Islam (Haddad’s brand of Islam that is) will take over the world, and enthusiastically endorsed CAGE’s role in ‘re-defining the debate’.

Meanwhile the rest of us, secular Muslims and non-Muslims, shouldn’t feel embarrassed to say that Haddad’s views are utterly loathsome.

Hat Tip: Fasdunkle