Stop the War figures out Islamic State

As you have seen, the “Stop the War Coalition” has had to resort to airbrushing several dangerous truths from its website as the warmongers’ assault on the vanguard gathered strength.

It’s a survival measure, comrades. Regrettable, sure, but some flanks are dispensable in a fight like this.

Still, not to worry. A number of the deepest insights have been preserved here.

Moreover, you can still find some cracking exposés on the stoppers’ website. In August 2014 they offered this big breakthrough by Sami Ramadani, a member of the steering committee. Just who is behind Islamic Sate? Now you know:

Another important dimension to the rise of ISIS terror in Syria and now Iraq is that these barbaric forms of terrorism are also serving Israeli interests in the area. It was noticeable that the ISIS “Caliph” and Israeli war criminal Netanyahu declared the death of Sykes-Picot borders between Iraq and Syria on almost the same day.

The Caliph did not mention Israel or its war crimes in Palestine and the region, while Netanyahu declared that the Jordan river will be where Israel will “defend” itself. He also declared his support for an independent Kurdish state.

Meanwhile, Israel’s ambassador in Washington explained why Israel and the west should support the ISIS “bad guys” in preference to other “bad guys”: <> Injured terrorists are known to use Israeli hospitals before they are sent back to fight in Syria.

It is clear to me that ISIS is serving Israeli and US economic, political and military objectives in the region.

The “bad guys” link in the excerpt above takes you to another excellent website that just can’t be fooled.

Ramadani exposed IS, the US and Israel once again in another stopper piece in August 2014:

ISIS will not flinch from burning Baghdad’s remaining books and removing its girls from schools. They want to punish millions of “idolatry” Shia and crucify its remaining “Nassara” Christians. They were funded, armed and trained by the US and its allies: Turkey and the amoral sheiks and princes of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Israel helped them by bombing raids on Syria and treating their wounded in Israeli hospitals before re-arming them to go back to Syria to escalate the carnage.

So much ignorance, so little time. Where would we all be without the stoppers to shed light on the terrible darkness. Solidarity!