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Jeremy Corbyn on Alan Henning – Our Fault

In October 2014 Islamic State saw fit to tell the world that it had beheaded the British aid worker Alan Henning. It was the most despicable of crimes.

Never worry, though, cometh the hour, cometh the man. Jeremy Corbyn took it in his stride, oh yes. Just a day after the horror became known, Corbyn railed against the real culprit at a “Stop Bombing Iraq, Don’t Attack Syria” demonstration. Yes, the murder was our fault.

I am pleased that we started with a period of silence for Alan Henning and all those others that have died in this appalling conflict. Because we have to remember them and remember that the price of war, the price of intervention, the price of jingoism is somebody else’s son and somebody else’s daughter either being killed or being killed by somebody else (sic).

So there you have it. A horrible terrorist murder must be noted with a rant about “jingoism”. It’s something like shouting about “immigration” when Stephen Lawrence was murdered. Disgusting, beneath contempt, filth.

If you want to see all his wallowing on this occasion, go here.

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