Electronic Intifada contributor gloats over kidnappings in Israel

Here’s the first response from EI regular Rana Baker to the news that three teenagers had been kidnapped:

Wonderful wonderful news that three settlers have been kidnapped. Celebrations celebrations. Cheers everybody (Zionists excluded)!

She then complains

My God. Have we really reached the stage at which the children of the oppressor are equated with the children of the oppressed?

and elaborates:

I find the comparison between Palestinian and Israeli boys very very ridiculous, not to say disgusting altogether.

This is likely to be a reference to  Nadim Siam Nuwara (17), and Muhammad Mahmoud Odeh Abu al-Thahir (16), both fatally shot last month.

In the days after the US State Department called on the Israeli government to conduct a ‘prompt and transparent’ investigation to establish whether or not the use of force was proportional to the threat posed’.

Although obviously this needs to be investigated, nothing can justify the kidnapping of the Israeli teenagers, or Rana Baker’s heartless reponse.