Class warfare

Randian proposes complete tax exemption for the rich

Guest post by Andrew Murphy

You have to give libertarians credit; they know how to push the proverbial envelope. At, self-described philosopher and Ayn Rand devotee Harry Binswanger suggests that anybody who makes over $1 million dollars a year should be exempt from taxation.

In Mr. Binswanger’s dystopian future ,the middle class would see their taxes go up, expediently, in order to account for the lost revenue no longer coming in from wealthiest 1 percent. Ironically libertarians usually get testy when they are accused of having a philosophy that panders to the rich, yet Binswanger offers up Exhibit A, prima facie evidence .

Demagogues throughout history have tried to incite the poor against the rich; yet with Binswanger, we have the odd situation of a demagogue who wishes to incite the rich against the middle class.