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More On Close Protection UK

After being beaten by SarahAB as the first to make an allusion to George Gissing, I have lost my inspiration as far as late Victorian social documenters are concerned. In that case, I simply will link to the latest discussion on Close Protection UK which staffed the Jubilee security with unpaid trainees under threat of losing benefits or access to well-paid security positions during the Olympics.

Many of Sarah’s detractors said the truth behind this company and its director, Molly/Mary Prince would be a little bit more complicated than thought. Well, yes. It now appears that, despite having convictions for perverting the course of justice and questions surrounding tax arrangements over her various companies set-up to offer private security training (some of which actually traded), she has been in receipt of almost £1 millions of Government grants to train young people as security guards.

One person who attended a course suggested the training was rather unconventional. “On the final day Prince ordered a Range Rover be hired as she would be a VIP for the evening while the students were put through their paces and tested,” the attendee said.

“She was driven around Manchester with a friend and a team of bodyguards. She shopped in the town centre before being driven back to the Lowry, where she changed. She and her friend were then taken back in to Manchester, where she was out until the small hours, before being driven back. That was the final test for the students. CPUK now sanctioned them as CP (Close Protection) operators worthy of an SIA badge. Better still, Prince enjoyed a night out costing thousands, all paid for by the students’ fees.”

Hat-tip Andrew Coates.