An innovative use of the word “innovative”

The Los Angeles Times reports:

Sick of all those extra airline fees? Sorry, but here comes another one.

Las Vegas-based Allegiant Air is set to become the second major airlines in the U.S. to charge passengers a fee to bring carry-on luggage into a plane.

Allegiant, a low-cost airlines that flies out of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and several Florida cities, is about to introduce a fee of up to $35 per bag that would take effect Wednesday morning.

Airline President Andrew Levy announced the new fee in an email to employees last Friday, saying the changes are part of “an ongoing effort to develop an innovative, new approach to travel.”

So the word “innovative”– which I vaguely recall as having positive connotations– is now applied to the practice of charging folks for what used to be free.

Welcome to the wonderful world of corporate euphemisms, most often applied to the messy business of firing workers.

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