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Those of you who live in London may have seen the following poster from the anti-vivisection campaign, “Animal Aid”.

There is also this poster, featuring a stupid woman who apparently believes that a human life – her life, indeed – is equal in value to a that of her carnivorous cat.

I have responded to this campaign by donating money to:

You may wish to do so, as well.

Judy in the comments corrects my error:

Actually, the lady in the poster values her life (and that of other heart disease sufferers) at less than those of the animals specifically bred to enable the research to take place, so her line is effectively, “Better I and the other heart disease sufferers should die of our disease than animals should die to enable new medicines and even cures to be adequately researched.”

She is, of course, quite right.


A number of commenters, below, support Animal Aid’s campaign to discourage people from donating to effective medical charities, which desperately need the money in order to cure some pretty horrific diseases.

It is of course, their right to be stupid and wrong about this issue.

However, in order to encourage the courage of their convictions, here is a simple print-off-and-keep card which I encourage you to sign and carry with you at all times.

No changing your mind when you’re dying, though!

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