Libya,  Moonbattery

Chavez: Libyan rebels’ capture of Green Square was faked

Hugo Chavez has finally come up with a convincing explanation for the downfall of his friend and comrade Colonel Gaddafi.

It didn’t really happen! At least not the way it appeared on TV. The rebels’ takeover of Green Square in Tripoli was staged in Qatar by professional actors. Oh, and the “Yankee empire’s” 1969 moon landing? That may well have been faked too.

I’d like to give Chavez the benefit of the doubt and believe that the chemotherapy he has been undergoing for his cancer has somehow affected his mental processes. But based on past experience, he would have said precisely the same thing if he were healthy.

On one level, I’m sure, he doesn’t believe this nonsense. But on another level, how else can Chavez deal with the cognitive dissonance of his revolutionary comrade Gaddafi being overthrown by his own people?