Speak Your Brains: Parliamentary Petitions Edition

The Government has just published its first batch of “e-petitions“.

Channelling e.e. cummings, we are told:

e-petitions is an easy way for you to influence government policy in the UK. You can create an e-petitionabout anything that the government is responsible for and if it gets at least 100,000 signatures, it will be eligible for debate in the House of Commons.

The most popular subject for petitioning appears to be the return of the death penalty.

Return of Hanging for Serious Crimes

The return of Capital punishment for crimes of Murder

Capital Punishment

Restore the death penalty

Increase sentences for those who commit crime

Reinstatement of the death penalty

Restoration Of Capital Punishment- Public Reforendum

Restore the death penalty

reinstate death penalty

Unrestricted capital punishment for murder

Restoring the death penalty

Bring Back death penalty for paedophiles and murderers


Bring Back The Death Penalty For Murderers

Restore the death penalty

Reinstate Capital Punishment in the UK

Death Penalty for the most serious offenders

Bring Back Capital Punishment In Britain


bring back the death penalty

Restoration of the Death Penalty

Restoration Of Capital Punishment For Serial Killers

the restoration of hanging

debate the restoration of hanging

Referendum Needed On The Return of Capital Punishment


bring back hanging


Death Penalty

capital punishment

Death Penalty for murderers, child abusers, paedophiles and class a drug dealers

Restoration of capital punishment’


Bring back the death penalty

Death Penalty for murder

death sentence for heinous crimes

Re-instate capital punishment for selected crimes

Capital Punishment

capital punishment

Restore the death penalty

Re-introduce the death penalty for treason

Restoration of Capital Punisment

Restoration of the Death Penalty

Capital Punishment

Restore the death penalty

Restore Capital Punishment

NB: Some petitions, not listed above, are opposed to capital punishment. To sign such a petition will similarly have the effect of triggering a House of Commons debate.  There is also a petition to introduce Public Hanging for those who propose public hanging

Other popular subjects include repeal of human rights legislation, limiting the powers of judges in criminal cases, the banning of sharia law, and the legalisation of various sorts of drugs.

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