North Korea

North Korea Sees Disarmament as Weakness

In what is hardly a reassuring statement amid speculation that North Korea is planning a third nuclear test, the Asia Times reports on statements from this histrionic brat that the West’s demand that Gaddafi dismantle his CBN programme in the first half of the 2000s merely was a preamble to the current military strikes against his now emasculated armed forces.

Writing on NK News, Andrew Futter (a doctoral candidate in the Security Studies department at the University of Birmingham) speculates on statements made to the Senate Armed Services Committee that the Taepodong-2 ICBM is being refined for potential delivery of nuclear war-heads.

As viscerally satisfying the thought of bombing the shibal (NB excuse any lacking of finesse in this usage) out of the KPA may be even for those of us who are not engaging in a full-blown Boys Own Adventure over Libya, that an even more irrational Kim Jong-il would rain down conventional ordnance – never mind CBN weaponry – onto the South and Japan is almost a given.

One possibility from any demise of Gaddafi’s Libya, though, is that by denying Kim access to yet more foreign funds, such refinement of the T-2 would be harder to achieve. Daily NK reports on the discovery of North Korean weapons at Ras Lanuf, including anti-aircraft guns pictured above.

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