Our Thoughts and Prayers With Tarek Fatah

The heroic Canadian liberal campaigner and secularist, Tarek Fatah, has been diagnosed with treatable B-cell Lymphoma Cancer:

Many of you are aware of the tumultuous events in my life during the last ten days. What began as a backache and numbness in my legs, within days turned into an inability to stand; an urgent MRI and surgery the same same day that saved me from near paralysis, and successfully removed a cancerous tumour from around my spinal cord.

On Monday I was informed by the doctors that they have identified the cancer I have B-Cell Lymphoma, which they say is treatable. the docs decide to shift me from St. Mike’s to Princess Margaret Hospital, I am undergoing a battery of tests, including yesterday’s monitoring of my heart under a nuclear machine and today’s bone-marrow biopsy..Tomorrow IU under what is known as “Lumbar Puncture” after which my chemotherapy will begin and the last of my head hair will start falling. Who knows, I will start wearing a Hijab :-)

This week I discovered the best and the worst in humanity. My friends and family stood like a rock in their love and affection, while Islamist jihadis found immense pleasure in my illness. One hijabi brazenly issued an “open threat” on Twitter, saying she “knew where I lived and worked,” while another Islamic extremist posted, “if cancer fails, we will get you.’

The website proudly flaunted news of my cancer as a validation of their Islamic faith. Posters on the website said, I was the victim of “divine punishment” by Allah.

Disturbing as this was to my wife, daughters and family, the vicious nature of these comments by Islamists merely confirmed my view that these hate-mongers do not belong to civilized society and must be fought, tooth and nail to rid our society of their cancer, the same way I will fight cancer from my own body.

With God’s help, your prayers and the professionalism of Canada’s oncologists, physicians, nurses and healthcare workers, I promise you I will defeat Lymphoma and get out of hospital to do battle against the cancer that seeks to destroy Canada.

Take care and be good,


Tarek Fatah

We all wish him a speedy recovery and the rapid regrowth of his soon-to-be-lost hair.

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