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The Reason Tony Blair Was a Duplicitous, Money-Grubbing Warlord When He Did Not Invade Libya, and Was a Duplicitous Money Grubbing Warlord When He Invaded Iraq; But, Most of All, the Reason Why I Am Right

Rather than get distracted with the peripheral issue of Libyans dying in their hundreds, a number of brave truth-tellers have been raising the far more pressing issue of refighting the home front of 2003. Because, as we all know, no-one on Harry’s Place ever has admitted to less-than-honourable dealings between British figures and Libya.

So, here is a thread to bash out just how terrible daddy Tony Blair is. Readers can be sure I will not participate.

Alan A adds

Here’s a Morning Star reader who has decided to defend Gaddafi. Of course!

The possibility of the overthrow of Colonel Gaddafi will be a serious blow to all anti-imperialists, in the Third World in particular.

Gaddafi was a staunch Arab socialist who unconditionally supported the liberation struggles of the Palestinians, South-Africans and Zimbabweans to name but a few.

Also remember that he spent Libya’s oil wealth on social programmes resulting in the country becoming one of the most developed nations in the developing world.

One of the greatest achievements of the 1969 revolution that brought his pan-Arab socialist movement to power was not just universal and free healthcare and education but real independence for the first time in the north African state’s history.

Libya was also the victim of US imperialist aggression in April 1986 when US planes bombed Tripoli and Benghazi, killing the colonel’s adopted baby daughter Hana and injuring countless others.

Let us not also forget that Gaddafi was a leading proponent of pan-African unity, both economically and politically, and his loss will result in nakedness, sickness and degradation of living standards for the Libyan peoples at the request of the US, European Union and International Monetary Fund.

The Libyan peoples who have risen up against the colonel may, in another 10 or 20 years, realise what they have lost, just as the citizens of the former Soviet Union and eastern European socialist democracies now do.

Phil Brand
London SW17

Gene adds:

Has anyone mentioned Neville Chamberlain yet?