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Fire kills 40 in drought-stricken Israel

Terrible news from Israel, where an out-of-control brush fire in the Haifa region has killed 40 students in a prison guards’ course sent to help evacuate a prison. Thousands of residents of the area have been evacuated.

“We lost all control of the fire,” said the Haifa firefighting services spokesman on Thursday. “There aren’t enough firefighting resources in Israel in order to put out the fire,” he said.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday requested the help of Greece, Italy, Russia, and Cyprus to send additional forces to aid in putting out the huge brushfire that was still raging in northern Israel.

Netanyahu spoke to the countries’ leaders and urgently requested their aid in supplying firefighting aircrafts.

This morning National Public Radio reported on the record-breaking heat and the absence of the usual November rains in Israel and the surrounding region.

Best wishes to our Israeli readers, especially those who live in the area of the fire. Perhaps they can tell us more.

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