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“Inside Job”

Yes, I know it sounds like a 9/11 troofer documentary, but it’s actually an excellent, anger-inducing take on the events leading to the 2008 financial collapse, the crisis itself and the aftermath.

Along with the Wall Street sleazeballs who saw it coming and didn’t care– or took the opportunity to get rich off of it– Republicans, Democrats and soul-selling academics are not spared.

It’s made by Charles Ferguson, who– unlike Michael Moore– is actually capable of focusing on the subject at hand and building a case. His previous film, “No End in Sight,” was a devastating look at the Bush administration’s criminal unpreparedness for dealing with post-invasion Iraq, and its failure to adjust to the realities on the ground.

I don’t know how widely “Inside Job” is being shown, but try to see it now or when it comes out on DVD.