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The $2 billion trip that isn’t

Relying on an unnamed Indian government source quoted in an Indian press report, the always-delightful Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann claimed in an interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN that President Obama’s 10-day trip to Asia will cost a staggering $2 billion, including the diversion of 34 Navy ships for security.

Impartial truth-seekers like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Michael Savage were pleased to pass on the report without checking it for, y’know, accuracy.

Of course, as Cooper reported and as PolitiFact confirmed, the report wildly inflates the actual cost of the trip.

PolitiFact, which impartially monitors both Democrats and Republicans for accuracy, has other examples of Bachmann’s tenuous relation with the truth– which doesn’t even rise to the level of “truthiness.”

And so it goes.

Bachmann, a star of the Tea Party movement, is seeking a top post in the new Congress, and GOP leaders are understandably nervous.