OneVoice Palestine adds third new chapter with group in Hebron’s H2 area

This is a Cross Post from the OneVoice Movement

New York, August 10, 2010−OneVoice Palestine (OVP) recently coordinated a workshop in the West Bank city of Hebron with over 40 youth activists who will be forming a new OneVoice chapter.

H2’s group will be the third new chapter for OVP in the past month after recently adding groups in Jenin and Bethlehem with over 47 new activists. Speaking to members of the H2 community, an area under Israel control, was challenging as the audience was skeptical at first of OneVoice’s work fearing that joining the movement would mean giving up the 1967 borders and possibly more rights. Mohammed Assedeh, head of the OVP youth council, delivered OneVoice’s message giving background information about OVP’s youth initiatives and training programs.

Hebron is divided into H1 and H2, and the H2 area is under the control of the Israeli military and subject to extended curfews, restrictions on movement, and security checkpoints. H1 is under Palestinian jurisdiction and already has an OVP chapter, represented by youth council member Bashar Shweiki. The new H2 chapter will begin its own initiatives targeting a new audience in their community and working toward peace and the two-state solution, hoping to eventually unite Hebron.

The workshop, we formed the new H2 chapter, comprised youth who participate in local grassroots activities such as painting murals in their city and creating their ‘Count to 10’ project that discusses the benefits of thinking before reacting.

“We are a group full of energy to work for the sake of Palestine, and together with OneVoice we can achieve the unachievable in the H2 area,” said Abd Alrahman Abu Hadeed, one of the workshop’s attendees.

Community members from the H2 area of Hebron listen to OneVoice Palestine's message.