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Hizb ut Tahrir’s Few Remaining Friends

This is a guest post by Amjad Khan, a former member of Hizb ut Tahrir

It hasn’t been a good year for Hizb ut Tahrir (HT), the radical Islamist group that seeks to conquer the world through armed Jihad and enforce a medieval and de-contextualised understanding of Shariah on everyone. The Marriott in Chicago has refused to host their big over-hyped annual U.S. conference, membership has continued to decline, other Muslim groups have further distanced themselves from them and their pathetic attempts to appear ‘moderate’ have failed because their Pakistan and Bangladesh branches have continued to issue highly racist press releases. The latest one has the title ‘Jews will be Jews, Anything could be expected from them’. If that wasn’t bad enough, their UK summer annual conference will be held at Friends House in Euston. This venue has a capacity for 1,000 people which again reflects the declining nature of HTs support and membership. Gone are the good old days when they could attract 5,000 plus guests and bombard them with fiery speeches from the ‘legendary’ Farid Kassim. So much for entering the ‘Public Stage’ of the ‘Dawah’, maybe they should go back to the ‘Private Stage’.

However, this is still outrageous and must not be tolerated. We must not allow armchair Jihadis who live off state benefits and bemoan the evils of western society to damage our communities with their racist and divisive rhetoric. They have already been banned from 99% of mosques in the UK and I encourage all right-minded people, Muslim and non-Muslim, to contact Friends House and express their disgust at them for hosting Hizb ut Tahrir. Details below:

– Email at:
– Tel: 020 7663 1094/1095 for event bookings or 020 7663 1000
– Fax: 020 7663 1001