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Sharia Shenanigans

This is a cross post by Natalie Wold

Sunday, while meeting a friend for lunch near Whitehall I had the privilege of witnessing the hundreds of protesters who took the streets of London in protest for and against Sharia Law.  Group one, Muslims Against The Crusades purportedly by Al-Muhajiroun chanted their views against democracy and their favour for Sharia law by holding signs such as “Democracy is the cancer, Sharia is the Answer”.   While the other peaceful group was lead by One Law for All and Iran Solidarity to mark the anniversary of the killing of protester Neda Agha-Soltan in Iran last year.

shariahI’ve always heard of the remarks made by groups such as Muslims Against The Crusades on the television but this was the first time I have ever seen it up and personal.  It was a scene so striking that anyone who passed the chanting of “Sharia will dominate the world” and isn’t worried about the future of the Western world has a lot to wake up to.

After watching from a distance I became so captivated I made my way over to the front lines of the protestors and immersed myself in the group.  What caught my eye the most was the group of boys around the age of twelve or thirteen holding signs reading, “UK watch your Back, Islam is Coming Back” and “Man Made Law go to Hell” as well as another boy violently waving a flag while debating a spectator saying how he could kill her with his wooden flag pole.

While listening to all of this, I began a discussion with a member and spokesperson of Muslims Against The Crusades and asked him about the demonstration.  He made it clear that they were only there to spread the work of Sharia and express unfairness the media has placed upon them.

The only thought that was racing through my mind was the radicalisation and brainwashing of those young boys who were waving their flags and holding their signs, shouting out “Death to democracy”.  I can only imagine how far those young boys will go in the movement of taking down democracy in the world and how manipulative and violent they with become in order to obtain Sharia.