Anti Fascism

BNP Ragnarök

The BNP has turned on itself following its poor electoral showing. Griffin is vulnerable and his replacements don’t look competent either. The party may implode.

Pressure is mounting on British National Party leader Nick Griffin as party activists fury over the disastrous election campaign continues to grow and has now turned into open infighting.

On the BNP’s official Facebook page, Eddy Butler, BNP head of elections and former PPC for Harlow, has openly positioned himself as leader of the BNP and attempted to create some distance between himself and Griffin.
Nothing British has also spoken exclusively to Alby Walker, a former leader of the BNP in Stoke. Walker believes Butler is clearly “touting himself as a contender” for the leadership, but he didn’t think he would make much of a difference to the BNP’s electoral fortunes. “Butler lacks intelligence and is not very good at elections.”

We are blessed in the UK with stupid fascists. Long may this continue.