Stranded in New York

A message from HP contributor/reader amie:

ot- but just to say hi from me stranded in new york after what was meant to be a brief visit for family wedding. me and mr amie fortunate to be with BA and subject to EU regs so BA is putting us up at airport hotel until flight a week later than planned- around 27th april. unlike non EU airline people who are getting zilch and are camped out at the terminals. at least i thought we were lucky until this hotel, JFK International started summarily evicting all the BA passengers yesterday morning. Some dispute with BA about payment. nasty exchange between front desk and the very nice helpful BA rep as if she were some two bit bilker rather than rep for a company like ba. sorted for now, but left us v unsettled and nervous we will come back from the city to find our stuff thrown in the lobby.

anyway, any new yorkers with tips of cheap/free stuff to do- assume we know ny fairly well and have done all the usual.