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Galloway could be PM in new deal with Labour

Yes, well, while we’re in cuckooland, may I say bwaha, ha, and dare I add hahaha, and indeed ha and ha to bizarre claims by RESPECT on Socialist Unity that Galloway has been canvassed by senior Labour Party officials on his views on joining them in a coalition government if there is a hung parliament. (Note, not a ‘hanged’ parliament.)

Very senior Labour figures have approached George Galloway to find out our attitude towards a potential minority Labour government. This is our response.

Oops, I cut off their response. Is anyone really interested? It’s really just the dullest punchline to a really limp joke.

It seems incredibly unlikely. What would be the advantage to Labour?  This would be akin to the Tories asking the BNP to join their coalition.

Were it believed that any plan existed to draw RESPECT into a coalition government with Labour, then a significant number of labour voters would never vote for Labour again.

Nevertheless, the Press Officer for RESPECT in Tower Hamlets is already getting breathless in anticipation:

With the Tories the gap between Labour and the Tories narrowing in the polls, there is every prospect now of a hung parliament. This could make Tower Hamlets the decisive influence over the next government.

For those of little faith, Andy Newman, proprietor of Socialist Unity says:“You can choose to beleive (sic) it or not, based upon you personal judgement of my credibility.”

Well, that settles it.